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Earthquake MiniQuake

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Attaches to individual cinema seating, drum thrones, recliners, sofas or even office type chairs.


The MiniQuake uses the same impeccable technology as its big brother the Quake 10, which allows it to be the most powerful, accurate and sensitive mini tactile transducer on the market today.

So, if you’re at home enjoying your favourite movies, music or gaming, the MiniQuake tactile transducer is the perfect solution for deep impact tactile effects.

The MiniQuake easily attaches to individual cinema seating, recliners, sofas or even office type chairs and thrones for a cool music integration or gaming experience.

At only 9cm tall and 8cm in diameter (including the mounting feet), this unique little hot rod can be mounted in almost any location (keep it vertical though) - and it stays running cool and efficient for hour upon hour of action.

The MiniQuake is run by an external class "J" digital amplifier - the XJ-300R (sold separately).

The XJ-300R is perfectly matched with the MiniQuake to optimize its performance and enhance efficiency.


Technical Information

Frequency Response: 15 - 200Hz
Nominal Impedance: 8 Ohm
Power Handling: Up to 300 Watts
Dimensions (Height x Diameter): 9cm x 8cm
Weight: 1.5kg


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