Stereo to Mono Converter

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Convert your stereo audio output signal into mono with this miniature passive mixing device.

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Hand built in the UK, the Tactile Systems Stereo to Mono Converter is a passive mixing device that allows you to mix two separate audio signals (stereo or 2 x mono) into a single mono output correctly, thus minimising distortion and the risk of damage to your source devices.
This is particularly useful when you have a stereo audio output but only one mono input on your amplifier and is recommended for use with the ButtKicker BKA-130-Ci amplifier used in the Gamer2 and Simulation Kit packages to obtain the full audio content of both channels.

If the left and right channels are out of phase, the audio could be significantly compromised when connecting the two signals together which can cause a loss of signal or peaks in the audio, leading to difficult level control and/or distortion in your amplifier.
As the left and right audio signals from your source are both outputs, using this little device ensures there will be no conflicts in the audio chain. Simply plug your source audio outs into each RCA “IN” and connect the supplied RCA lead from the “OUT” to the amplifier RCA input.

Box contents
MLC-1 Converter
0.25m RCA Lead (Plug to Plug)
Connection Guide


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