Got a home cockpit set-up?

Arthur Bellis, 82, makes excellent use of his ButtKicker Gamer.

Back in April the guys at ShakerCentre noticed a letter in PCPilot magazine from a Flight Sim enthusiast by the name of Arthur Bellis. Arthur had written in to the magazine to let everyone know about his home cockpit set-up and gave a special mention one of our ButtKicker Gamers. We contacted Arthur to wish him a Happy Birthday and to see if he would be interested in appearing on our website.

And so here we have some extracts from Arthur’s personal message to us along with photos of his cockpit set-up….

Home cockpit reviewThank you for your email, it was nice to hear from you regarding the mention in PC Pilot magazine.

My Buttkicker is fastened under two front car seats and works great. It gives that little bit of reality to my home built flight SIM.

To sit at the end of the runway in the plane that you have selected – feel the engine ticking over – as you take off the brakes, and open up the throttle, you feel the engine smooth out.

You can feel the wheels bouncing along the runway (tarmac or grass – two different feelings!!). If you use the flaps or undercarriage, you can feel the driving motors and lock-ups.

Every engine be it Radial – Incline – Jet they all feel different.

Finally, Don’t hit anything whilst flying Tomahawk or Seneca if you’re nervous!!!!!!!

Arthur Bellis