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Gamer ADX Kit

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The GamerADX Kit features the excellent ADX Maximus tactile shaker powered by the Reckhorn A-2.1 amplifier to really bring your gaming alive!


The GamerADX combines the Reckhorn A-2.1 amplifier with the superb ADX Maximus tactile shaker to really enhance your simulation experience.
The 2.1 amplifier design gives you the option to run a pair of compatible passive satellite speakers (available on request) with the ADX for a complete speaker/tactile solution - or you can simply choose to run the ADX shaker on its own from the amplifier subwoofer channel.

The ADX shaker can be mounted directly to a suitable flat surface or to a post/ tube using the included mounting bracket which has a maximum post/tube diameter adjustment of 45mm. This adjustment can be increased to 50mm by replacing the coach bolts with longer versions if required.  

A cable set is provided for most common connections along with 3 metres of professional grade speaker cable to connect the shaker to the amplifier. Cable ties are also included to secure the connections.

The solid analogue technology incorporated in the amplifier includes flexible adjustment with high quality sound. Delivering a maximum output of 2 x 40W (Satellites) + 1 x 90W (Subwoofer), it is an ideal solution for desktop use or other applications where a compact design is required.

A rugged analogue power supply with shielded transformer feeds the stereo power amplifier and the powerful subwoofer channel with sufficient reserve available.
All three amplifiers are digital which greatly increases the efficiency and enables the housing to act as a heat sink, so there is no cooling fan employed and operation is noiseless.

Input connection is via RCA (Phono) or stereo 3.5mm plug.


Box Contents

ADX Maximus Tactile Transducer
Post / Tube Mounting Bracket for ADX Maximus
A-2.1 Amplifier
3 Metre Speaker Cable
Phono "Y" Splitter (Plug / 2 x Sockets)
Phono "Y" Splitter (Socket / 2 x Plugs)
2 Metre Phono Lead (Plug / Plug)
3.5mm Stereo "Y" Splitter
3 Metre 3.5mm Stereo Jack / 2 x Phono Plug Lead
4 x RI-K28 Rubber Isolators
4 x Cable Ties
User Guide


Technical Information

Reckhorn A-2.1 Amplifier Specification.     
AC Supply:     230/240V / 50 Hz. Protection circuits against overheat and shortcut with speaker relay.

Output power at distortion level:     
SAT (Satellite):     0,7%, 4 ohms = 2 x 25W rms.
10 %, 4 ohms = 2 x 40W rms.

SUB (Subwoofer):     0,7 %, 4 ohms = 60W rms.
10 %, 4 ohms = 85W rms.
0,7 %, 2 ohms = 64W rms.
10 %, 2 ohms = 90W rms.

Frequency response SAT / SUB:     30-20.000 Hz / 20 - 500 Hz.
S-N Ratio:          Over 95 dB.
RCA low input sensitivity:        0.3 volts / 10 k ohms.
SUB high cut (low pass):      50 - 300 Hz / 24 dB.
SUB subsonic 24dB:     10 - 150 Hz / 24 dB.
SAT satellite high pass variable:     30 - 400 Hz / 12 dB.
Maximum power consumption:      250W.
Fuse:     T 6A / 250V.
Dimensions (mm):      173(W) x 100(H) x *203(D) *Front controls add 15mm / Rear Speaker Terminal add 24mm.

ADX Maximus Specification.     
Power Handling:        50 watts RMS continuous
Impedance:      4 Ohm
Frequency:     20 to 100Hz
Dimensions:     65.5mm H x 140mm W x 140mm L
Mounting dimensions (hole centres):     101.5mm x 101.5mm
Weight:     1.55kg

ADX Mounting Bracket:     
Minimum post diameter:     13mm
Maximum post diameter:     45mm
Finish:        Black semi-matt powder coat.
Mounting plate protrudes 56mm above top of adjuster bracket - total clearance required from underside of seat to bottom of post fixing point is 96mm minimum.


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