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ButtKicker Mini-CT

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The latest version of the Mini-CT has received an internal upgrade for improved performance.


The 2 ohm ButtKicker Mini Concert is a smaller version of the award-winning ButtKicker Concert Tactile Transducer. The latest version of the Mini-CT has had a major internal upgrade for improved performance.

The Mini-CT is a single-seat transducer with excellent musical response, from deep bass to lower mid-range with
more power focused in the 40-80 Hz range.
When used with speakers or headphones, the ButtKicker mini adds amazing impact and tone perception and is especially effective for simulators, movie theatre seating, game seats, bass guitar, keyboard monitoring, drum thrones, studio monitoring and car audio. The ButtKicker mini requires minimal power and can be chained together easily in multiples if required.

Note: The Mini Concert has a short 30cm cable terminating in bare wire for ease of installation. The white cable is positive (+), black cable is negative(-).


Box contents

1 x ButtKicker Mini-CT
Installation Guide


Technical Information

Dimensions: 120mm (W) x 118mm (L) x 76mm (H)
Frequency response: 5 - 200 Hz.
Weight: 2 lbs / 0.91 kgs.
Nominal Impedance: 2 ohms.
Power handling: 50 watts min. / 250 max.

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