ButtKicker Gamer Review

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Today we have a unique product to share with our readers. The original Buttkicker was developed to solve a problem that bands had on stage: How to allow the bass player and drummer to feel the low frequency sound without disturbing the rest of the band. The Buttkicker product line has been around since the first Buttkicker Shaker was commercialised in 1999 when a patent was issued for the magnetically suspended transducer. Since then, Guitammer has found markets for their product across the spectrum. Besides bands, the Buttkicker has been implemented to satisfy the needs of custom home theatres, the Warner Bros. 200-seat theatre in London, amusement parks, virtual reality, sound design firms, and now, gamers!

The Buttkicker Gamer was designed to allow gamers to feel the sound effects from their games. The best effect comes from First-Person Shooter (FPS) games where the gamer feels the sound generated while firing their weapon. However the Buttkicker Gamer also works great for feeling the bass in your favorite music and enhancing the action scenes in movies.

The other benefit of using the Buttkicker Gamer is that you can still get the full audio effect of your game, music or movie during times where the wife or parents do not want to hear your fraggin’ on the other side of the house. The Buttkicker Gamer will let you feel the bass while in an environment where you can only use your headphones!

The Buttkicker Gamer includes everything needed to setup your unit to your computer or gaming console. The included instructions were a little confusing, but was easy to figure out with a little knowledge of how to connect audio equipment.