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ButtKicker Gamer 2
ButtKicker Gamer 2

Model # BKGMR2-240
Availability : 4 in stock.

Price £179.99

Stereo to Mono Converter
(add £17.00)

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 CES gamer award   Tech Living award   CPC award   CPC award   PC Pilot award




The very latest 2017 ButtKicker Gamer2 package has had a major revamp and is now better than ever! It features a chair-mounted (single post type) tactile transducer that lets you really “live the game”.
Experience the sensation of explosions, gun-shots, car crashes, rumble strips, engine noise, aircraft landings etc. whilst using your PC, game console or
watching a movie - also enhances the sub bass audio frequencies when listening to music!

Works equally well with almost any device that has an analogue audio output. Handy splitter cables are included in the package, enabling you to use the ButtKicker Gamer2 without disrupting your current speaker configuration. As the amplifier input is mono RCA, we highly recommend using the optional Stereo to Mono Converter that correctly sums the L & R channels of your audio output to obtain the audio content from both channels, not just one side!

Comes complete with the new BKA-130-Ci 90W digital amplifier, Gamer transducer with Easy Clamp for fast fitting / removal and all the necessary cables to get you up and running in no time.
Easily control the intensity of the effect directly from your seat with the wired remote control.
Superb response from this very cool unit that sends sub-bass frequencies via tactile transfer – action games & DVD’s will never be the same again!

Directly compatible with most PC's and consoles including:

    * PC
    * Playstation
    * Playstation2
    * Playstation3
    * PSP
    * Xbox
    * Xbox 360
    * GameCube
    * Wii
    * ipod/MP3 player
Please Note: PS4 and xBox One users may require a seperate digital to analogue audio converter, depending on system in use.



Box Contents
  • 2017 version ButtKicker Gamer transducer with Easy Clamp
  • 2017 upgraded 90 watt digital amplifier with wired remote
  • 13.5ft cable with quick release
  • Phono "Y" adaptor - female to dual male
  • Mini-jack "Y" adaptor - male to dual female
  • 5ft mini-jack to phono cable
  • 5ft phono to phono cable
  • Velcro cable ties
  • Quick Start Installation guide



Technical Information

The ButtKicker Gamer "Easy Clamp™":
Diameter Range: 26 - 35mm
Exposed Length of post needed (height of "Easy Clamp"): 42mm

Dimensions: 292mm L x 70mm H x 76mm W
Frequency response: 5 - 200 Hz
Impedance: 2 ohms

Amplifier (240V)
Dimensions: 241mm L x 70mm H x 190mm W
Power output: 90 watts
Weight: 7 lbs / 3.18 kgs


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