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ADX Maximus Tactile Bass Shaker
ADX Maximus Tactile Bass Shaker

Model # ADX

Price 80.00

Mounting Bracket

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If you like the Aura Pro shaker, you will love the ADX Maximus.

Designed by the creator of the original bass shaker, the ADX Maximus uses the very latest technology for outstanding performance. Hold onto your seat and experience all the action!

The ADX Maximus shaker is more efficient and generates greater vibrational force for the same input signal voltage. Using FEA (finite element analysis) technology to maximize not only the performance, but expand the tonality of the vibrational force and impact while minimizing the extraneous noise to make the Maximus a really smooth operator.
The advanced electromagnetic design provides the highest sensitivity to deliver more amplifier choices and usage options.

The Maximus was designed using the latest technology and highest quality components available. The housing is durable aluminium, which also functions as a finned heat sink that keeps the 3" coil inside cool.
Push button spring loaded wire terminals facilitate easy hook-up for the Maximus when installed in hard to reach areas, such as under a couch or car seat. Connections are made to an amplifier just like an ordinary speaker and the 4 ohm impedance offers many wiring/impedance options for running multiple Maximus bass transducers. A suitable low pass filter should be employed when using a standard power amplifier to prevent unwanted audio frequencies being passed to the shaker. 

Most ultra-low frequencies are felt as much as heard. With the Maximus tactile transducer mounted to your chair, couch, sim or vehicle interior, you can feel the bass without having to push your subwoofer to ridiculously high levels.
This means that with the Maximus installed you will be able to feel everything from the impact of an explosion, to the subtle nuances of a guitar piece - all without driving your neighbours crazy!




Box Contents

ADX Maximus Bass Shaker
Instruction Guide


Technical Information


Power handling: 50 watts RMS continuous
Nominal Impedance: 4 ohms
Frequency response: 20 to 100Hz
Dimensions: 65.5mm H x 140mm W x 140mm L
Mounting dimensions (hole centres): 101.5mm x 101.5mm
Weight: 1.55kg


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