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USB headphones with Gamer for PC

If you are running Windows PC software from V7 onwards, it is possible to output both USB and analogue audio at the same time. 

The following link shows how to assign the default audio device in Windows 7 and 8.1 to enable this function. 

Older versions of Windows for PC would not allow you to output USB and analogue audio simultaneaously and subsequently would not work with the Gamer (or any product that required an analogue audio signal) without installing a piece of third party software called VAC (Virtual Audio Cable). 
If you have an older Windows version (pre-Windows 7), you can download  the "Virtual Audio Cable" software to fix this issue - so you can use your USB headphones and ButtKicker at the same time!

Information including free trial dowload and full version download can be found here:

Alternatively, another free trial download is available here:
*It is recommended you change the overflow/underflow buffer setting to 100 (default is 500) to reduce any time lag.


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