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We are currently undergoing internal restructuring. Our website will remain open however, we will not be taking any orders until Monday 3rd August. We apologies for any inconvenience caused during this time. Please feel free to contact us with any questions in the meantime.

Why are ButtKicker's cheaper in the USA?

We are fully aware that ButtKicker products appear to be cheaper in the USA than in the UK and Europe. However, here are a few things for you to consider......................

  • The USA is the "home market" and subsequently does not require a third-party distributor or agent to provide the product and customer support.  This allows USA resellers to buy direct from the manufacturer.
  • The Dollar exchange rate has been volatile to say the least - this impacts a great deal on product prices.
  • Shipping charges have increased dramatically over the last year or two (mainly due to added fuel and security costs) and adds a significant amount to the final price.
  • When the products arrive in the UK, further charges are levied in the form of import duty, VAT, handling charges and delivery to destination. When all this is added up, the increase is substantial in relation to the initial cost of the goods (this is often the hidden cost that most people only find out about when the item arrives on their doorstep).
  • Shockingly, we also have to make some kind of profit in order to survive, so naturally we whack on as much as we can get away with to keep the kids in private education - just kidding!!!!
  • Apart from the reasons mentioned above, market forces tend to dictate the end price for any product and our prices are competitive with other European countries.

An important note regarding warranty:
ButtKicker products purchased from outside the UK will have no warranty support from the UK distributors. Should any product develop a fault, you would have to return it to the seller at your own cost.

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