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Will my neighbours hear vibrations?


It is very difficult to say whether or not the transfer of vibration will be experienced by your neighbours - there are so many variables to consider.
Firstly, it depends on the product used and it's installation, then the construction of any party walls and flooring come into play . Solid walls and flooring made from concrete will be less likely to conduct any vibration than a thin plaster board wall and hollow flooring.

The volume setting is also a factor. There's a fair chance that your neighbours will hear a set of conventional speakers if they're on full blast, but less likely if you set them at a reasonable level and the same applies to any bass shaker, although there is no audible sound as such.

Using a tactile unit in conjuction with a conventional speaker system allows you to reduce the volume level of your sub and still feel all the bass (and more) you want.  Rubber isolators should also be used to retain the effect within any seating and reduce the amount of  tactile transfer into flooring.

Conventional speakers actually 'move' the air to transfer the sound which is unavoidable, so by using a ButtKicker, it  can actually be more 'neighbour  friendly'.


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